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Helanca: A nylon-polyester fibre with extraordinary stretch - up to 500%.

Nylon and polyester are both lightweight and durable synthetic fabrics that share many of the same properties, such as easy care, wrinkle resistance, stretch resistance and shrink resistance. Nylon is softer than polyester but also stronger, while polyester is faster drying, easier to dye and abrasion resistant.
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As in other martial arts, the capoeira uniform is WHITE. Traditionally, capoeiristas wear the ABADÁ: it symbolises purity and being on the quest to learn. 

The founder of Capoeira Regional, Manuel dos Reis Machado, Mestre Bimba, chose white for the uniform, to show the uniforms of his students were clean. Dirt can be easily spotted on white clothes. Back in those days capoeira was judged to be the pastime of petty criminals and vagabonds. To show the uniform was clean, was to create a distance between his school and that common perception.

When a student receives their uniform their face lights up and it sets the foundation for their entire martial arts journey as well as teaching them many valuable lessons that they can apply for their entire life. Our students achieve the white uniform usually after 2 months practising. This gives importance to the uniform and teaches our kids the importance of earning: remind them about the importance of respecting what they have and what they have earned after a time of practise.

Wearing the uniform, being committed to training as well as being committed to growth to earn the graduations (CORDAS) shows and develops tenacity. People who learn commitment at an early age are better able to cope in difficult circumstances, and that's the foundation to success later on their lifes.

The ABADA (capoeira pant) and the CAMISA (t-shirt) as our GROUP uniform is a symbol of unity. It connects people who are on the same journey towards a unified goal. The uniform connects people, draw strength from being a part of something greater than themselves and stand united in the face of challenges. Not wearing the uniform may send the wrong message: "it's all about me me me". Even when we don't dress it properly, with a diferent tag, personalized or clean.

The uniform keep our look special: having a uniform sets the intention to learn and develop in CAPOEIRA. Kids learn to take care of their uniform, making sure it is clean, the corda is tied correctly along with making sure their nails are cut and hair out of their face (we can hurt a training partner or they can hurt us if can't see properly). This goes on to teach them to be well put together at school with heir uniform and later in life. The uniform is the students responsibility, they learn to take care of their earned attire have respect for their belongings and look after it.

The uniform is just a smart idea: has changed like in any other sport along the time, and it's specially design in Brazil not to shrink, fade or rip easily!

Capoeira uniform including pants and t-shirt can be bought or arranged from the link below.

Unlike other sports and activities, martial arts teach us life lessons. Those lessons can be learned in class but must be cemented at home. So not sending a child to class in uniform undermines the importance of the lesson and their own achievement.

Tallas y Medidas Bahia Fightwear

150 cms - 158 cms

up to 63 kgs



159 cms - 165 cms

up to 75 kgs



166 cms - 175 cms

up to 85 kgs



176 cms - 188 cms

up to 95 kgs



189 cms - 198 cms

up to 110 kgs



199 cms or more

over 110 kgs



Children Capoeira Pants Sizechart Bahia Fightwear
Size Waist Inseam Hip Rise Thigh Cuff



43 68 17.5 35




47 72 19 38




54 76 22 42




61 78 23 44




72 80 24 46


12 56 73.5 84 26 48 41
Men Capoeira Pants Sizechart Bahia Fightwear
Size Waist Inseam Hip Rise Thigh Cuff
S 62 87 96 28 58 52
M 64 87 104 30 60 54
L 66 87 110 33 64 58
XL 70 88 120 34 70 62
Women Capoeira Pants Sizechart Bahia Fightwear
Size Waist Inseam Hip Rise Thigh Cuff
XS 66 89 92 21.5 50 49
S 68 90 94 23.5 55 52
M 72 91 96 24.5 59 54
L 76 91 100 25.5 62 56
Colourswatch *.PDF Sizechart *.PDF

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