How to do a Responsive Top Navigation Bar cooler than the one in

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Learn how to create a responsive top navigation menu with CSS and JavaScript.

Starting with the nice example that w3schools gave us in this article, we have develop a version to collapse once the user click in the menu links. 

In the HTML side, add this to any link you want to give the collapse function:


And in your javascript file

$("#myTopnav a.tooglers").click(function() {
var x = document.getElementById("myTopnav");
if (x.className === "topnav responsive") {
x.className = "topnav";
} else {
x.className = "topnav";

With that bit of code we'll ensure that everytime a visitor clicks the "tooglers" links, the div changes the class -producing the collapsable effect-.


Thanks for sharing :)

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