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I'm just tired of receiving all this spam from scammers and false companies from foreign "companies" as well as amateurs web designers. I just felt a bit like James Veitch (look for James Veitch spam videos in Youtube you'll have a lot of fun) so let's act.

Have you been reading tonnes of articles to improve your SEO positioning, better client response, and business advice? You're probably waiting for that phone call from a potential customer/client with a good business enquiry. Is it nothing further from reality? Is checking your email 95% of the time tiring you?

For those of us who work with the Internet, the first thing we learn is not to automate your email, instead we are continuously checking and just reading it manually when we find spare time between our tasks. Wasting time opening emails that should be sorted by our filters and spam killers can be very annoying.

Since arriving in Australia my spam has multiplied by six...compared to what I was receiving on Spanish servers. I found that 99% of spam belongs to fake Indian web design companies. Experiences my clients shared with me about scamming left me in shock! It included upfront payments with work not finished, or worse companies disappearing with all their money. With this being a common issue today, I feel obligated to give some pointers regarding this important subject. Logically it is not worth working with a company that doesn’t have legitimate experience, registration and so on… This is because you'll actually spend more money getting poor work, or worse nothing compared to investing more money from the beginning with a professional who will get the job done on time and with no problems or delays in communication. So what are the steps we have to follow to check if a company is a real company offering a safe product that is worth your while working with them. 

Firstly as you probably know, it is recommended to avoid companies overseas. From experience you should even be cautious with online purchases through businesses even in Australia. Most people don't understand what consumer law does, and doesn’t protect you for (especially business purchase vs. non-business). My own experience with Lenovo and one of it’s distributors taught me this…but that's another post...lol
Even if you are not aware and you decide to take the risk, you should do some research. 

Here are some pointers:


Ensure that the email address (where the email came from) matches the sender. This is not just looking at the actual email on the screen, but checking the "Headers" of the email to what is really there. Below is an example of an email received right now:

In this case, it matched.


If the email came from a third party server like 'Gmail', 'Hotmail', 'Aol' or any other possible server that allow the sender to open free accounts and mail bomb, just send that mail to the trash. Anyone can pursue scamming through these addresses due to the amount of people working with fake email addresses on these servers it is difficult for the owner to follow up and trace every single scam case. Obviously be aware of email addresses that are not professional e.g. webdezign445[at]gmail.com or similar.


Next step can be Googling the address: "hello[at]imedia-solutions.in" Sometimes you can find interesting information in spam report directories. In this case... Bingo!

With the information Webmasters have provided on that page https://cleantalk.org, we can do a lot such as block the Server IP (or country!) and dissmiss any email from there.


But, if we don't find a match we probably have to look into it further. If our system is protected enough, we can enter directly the IP or the domain of the sender in the 'WHOIS' database:

As you can see the WHOIS database gave us NO legal information or contact person, so logically it shows us another reason to not trust in that potential fraudulent contact.

Tricky thing is that today there are more and more people aware of the information shared through the ‘WHOIS’, and some of them opt to not show their data (private register) possibly to avoid their email being shown publicly.


Anyway, next thing we can do is Google again "iMedia Web Solutions":

If we go through the verified directories from social networks, just seeing the information about the number of connections (and a bit more), we can deliberate and make a decision (again).


Have we made a decision?….yes…no?? Hold on…looking closer, is this guy outsourcing the work to "Chandigarh Web Designer"? Then it’s probably better to go directly to the source! Ha ha ha... no, seriously I’d not recommend that!


As last option we can always visit the domain, in this case: imedia-solutions.in

If that looks professional... great!

But I wouldn't trust in a web design company that doesn't meet more than 40 standards of the actual 'online bussiness presence' requirements. 

As you can see they don't even display any legal information about the company or themselves in their websites.

You may call it keeping their privacy, but I would ask for the same as the Government ask me to do with my own business. Law is clear, it is there for a reason and we have to meet the regulations to avoid these kind of scammers.

To conclude, I hope you find this helpful. If you would like my personal report (or research) for your company I'm glad to offer you hourly rates. 
Obviously don't waste any time even thinking about working with an overseas company with that kind of reputation and spamming methods.

Don't pay upfront if you can't find any legal advice or information that you can analyse through their own Government, and always agree on payment terms beneficial to your company!

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