Capoeira classes in the Central Coast Australia with the Grupo Capoeiras

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Wednesday 4pm-5pm at Warnervale Community Hall, Corner of Warnervale and Virginia Roads, Warnervale NSW 2259

The Formado Comprido

​The Formado Comprido (Pedro Martin) is from Castilla La Mancha (Spain), although he considers himself sevillian (Andalusia), born in May 1978 and owes his nickname Capoeira "Comprido" to his stature). He started training Capoeira in 1996, like most spaniards of the time motivated by the film "Only the Strong" by Mark DaCascos, when he was already a Full Contact Professor (1996). He started practising Capoeira with his two best friends, Louro and Aladdin, influenced because of their age -as they were older- and they thought that the Capoeira movements and music was exciting, even when they were attending full contact classes at that time.

The next year, their friends join the University and leave their Capoeira curiosities on the side, so Comprido thought in contacting an author of a Capoeira book from South America. It was through Leonardo Torres Negro -an Instructor of the Grupo Muzenza de Mestre Burgués and author of the Book "Capoeira, Arte Marcial Del Brasil" in 1996 with ISBN: 9788420303772- and with him exchanging Capoeira videos when his interest in learn grow. Leonardo Torres used to send videos with exercises and corrections to Comprido for a long time, so when from time to time Comprido met with Louro and Aladdin he could at the same time update them with movements, names and techniques.

Year after year, Comprido tried to follow up on the casual exhibitions such as those that Mestre Trovoada (GIC Topázio de Mestre Dinho) or Mestre Brucutu (Capoeira Abadá) used to carry out at the Festival of Nations in Seville, which used to stay approximately 10 days in the city during the spring.

But it wasn't enough. There should be a faster way to keep growing and learning. It has been written a lot about the beginning of the Capoeira in Seville, but facts are facts. He was so interested in learning Capoeira that he opt for putting ads and write articles on the magazines and newspapers at the time, looking for someone to teach him.

Then João Paulo Pinho Freire -Professor Cia- appear in the scene as he was studying Medicine in the University of Seville (Andalusia)-. From 1997 to 1999 they train together, keeping a night group in the University Hall of Maths at the beginning and putting the Capoeira into an important gym of the martial arts tradition in Seville (Gym Herbert) wich contribute to grown in number of interested as well as radio interviews and flyer distribution. Is in one of these radio interviews where the Professor Cia named him as Comprido, due to his stature as mentioned. Due to his career responsabilities the Professor Cia has to travel to a near city, allowing the Formado Caveira (actually Contramestre Caveira) come from Brazil to continue his job in Seville. The Formado Comprido is the oldest student of the Contramestre Caveira, and has spent about 20 years practicing Capoeira with him. Some of they're contributions during this golden era of the Capoeira in Spain helps to grow in number of afiliates, openning new academies in Cadiz, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaen, Badajoz, Caceres and other cities with the past of the years.

Regarding his gratuations, in the year 2000 received the Instructor graduation from the Grupo Internacional de Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra de Mestre Cabeludo through Mestre Cía (Mestre Cabeludo's brother). In 2001 he received the graduation of "Formado" in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) from the hands of Mestre Rudson, who is the son of Mestre Dinho -founder of Grupo Internacional de Capoeira Topázio-.

He's sweating since then, his Formado graduation.

After this time living the Capoeira as an art, some of the achivements reached are:

Establishment of Capoeira in Seville (1996)
1st Instructor in Spain of the International Grupo Internacional de Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra de Mestre Cabeludo (2000)
1st Formado in Spain of the International Capoeira Topázio Group of Mestre Dinho (2001)
Administration for years of the biggest Internet Portal in spanish till 2005:
Author of the Book in Spanish: "Ao som do berimbau: Capoeira" (2003)- Curiosities | Book Captures
1st Official Monitor for Capoeira Workshops of the Seville City Council (2002-05)
1st Permanent Section for Capoeira in the Andalusian Sports Magazine
Online promoter of Capotherapy © Mestre Gilvan
Online promoter of "Capoeira: Jogo Atletico Brasileiro" © Joel Pires Marques
Online promoter of "Mestre Bimba: A Capoeira Iluminada" © Luiz Fernando Goulart
Founding partner of C.D Capoeira Topázio in Seville (2001)
Board Member of Mestre Formiguinha Topázio Association in Australia (2018)
Promoter of Capoeira at Central Coast - Australia (since 2017)
Founder of Grupo Capoeiras - Australia (October 2018)

He want to continue contributing to the diffusion of Capoeira, the martial art of Brazil, and demonstrate that it is an art for all. He is willing to collaborate in the projects that any person proposes, as long as the reasons that motivate them are honest.

Iê, viva meu Mestre: Caveira

​Reginaldo Augusto dos Santos Filho born on June 14, 1975 in Salvador de Bahía.

He began training in the decade of the 90s in the Associaçào de Capoeira Mestre Bimba, where he trained for five months with Mestre Rubens Bamba. Due to some works in the academy, in order not to stop training, he decided to continue the classes with Mestre Cabeludo, who was also a student of Mestre Bamba and who had founded the Porto da Barra Group.

He trained with Mestre Cabeludo about eight and a half years. It is in this one where they proposed to him to come to Seville (Spain) to give continuity to the work of the then Professor Cía. On May 28, 2001, he decided to speak with the Metre Dinho of the Topázio Group to be part of it.

The Contramestre Caveira has been dedicated for the last 20 years to the dissemination of capoeira in Seville.

Grupo Capoeiras (Formado Comprido, Australia 2018)

Since September 2018 -living in Australia- 40 years old and with more than half of his life training Capoeira, the Formado Comprido decided to re-initiate by himself a new path as a capoeirista. The name used for this pourpose is "Grupo Capoeiras", as the initial name that he started using in Internet 20 years ago when he started his Capoeira research. Far away from create just another Capoeira group or break with the past, the intention is continue growing and share his own Capoeira beliefs and values.

In October 2018, just with 4 recent students, he founded the Grupo Capoeiras [INC1801443 - Incorporated Association] under the definition and pourpose: "To provide an opportunity for the people of all age to participate in Capoeira -Afro-Brazilian cultural practice- activities, specially people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds as act with an unique body language"

The Capoeira has been inscribed in 2014 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the Unesco.


The book - Ao som do berimbau: Capoeira


​Formado Comprido (Grupo Capoeiras, 2018), taking numerous studies about Capoeira as a reference and thanks to the contribution of Luiz Renato Vieira (Mestre Luiz Renato, Grupo de Capoeira Beribazu), presents in this book about Capoeira a mature vision of the principles that guide it, advice and opinions from the Mestres he admires since he started his own experience and more than 400 photographs that illustrate the basic movements during the learning process of the techniques that a capoeirist uses.

His spanish Capoeira book. "Ao som do berimbau: Capoeira" Published by Alas (2003), ISBN 10: 8420304255 - ISBN 13: 9788420304250. Ao Som do Berimbau" is a text that fills an important void in the aspect of the diffusion of Capoeira. The youth of this sport, as well as the handicap of the language in which it develops, makes the profane not discover the wealth It is very easy to get lost in its plasticity, in its rhythms and never get to know its deep roots, its meanings and the people who surround it, until it is really involved in it. They have struggled to keep alive a cultural identity and a tradition This is a work with an impressive theoretical and historical content, accompanied by a profound description of the techniques and everything that surrounds it.

You are going to discover a book about Capoeira, Brazil's martial art, the flight of the black slave that yearns for freedom.

Its multiple meanings will take us beyond a simple game of amazing perfection between comrades, a pretentious search for self-control of the individual educated through its practice with essential educational values and a vast poetic and instrumental richness. Infused with strong historical and socio-cultural essence, Capoeira has been able to resist the passing of time and today it shapes an enigmatic universe that contains traditions and behaviour patterns, a methodical discipline in constant evolution.

The task of translating his book: "Ao Som do Berimbau: Capoeira" into English has been proposed on several occasions by some very dedicated students, but for reasons of time has still been achieved. The book marketing is limited to Spain and South American countries (Spanish-speaking) with which Editorial Alas handles shipments in an ordinary manner.

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