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Adult Kid Reversible Technical T-Shirt Sleeveless Fluro Yellow Royal


Colour/s Available
Reversible Yellow Fluor-Royal Blue  Reversible Red-White 

* Colour/s:
* Size Available: 4/6, 8/10, 12/14, S, L, M, 2XL, XL, 3XL


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Brand: Acqua Royal
Location: Spain 
*Shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order. This is an imported product so Customs may delay the shipment.
Product Code: adult-kid-reversible-technical-t-shirt-sleeveless-fluro-yellow-r
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Availability: 999


SKU: Adult / child sleeveless reversible technical shirt
Sizes: Adult S M L XL XXL XXXL // child 4/6 8/10 12/14
In bags: 5 a. x bag.
In boxes: 100a x box.
Colors: Fluorine-Royal Yellow and Red-White

* Measures expressed in centimeters (length / width).
** Cotton t-shirts may be a little fairer, but there is not much difference.






4/6 51/37    
8/10 56/41    
12/14 60/45    
S   65/48 58/42
M   68/50 60/44
L   71/53 62/46
XL   74/56  
XXL   77/59  







WOMEN 32/35 33/37 34/39






S 70/50
M 70/50
L 72/52
XL 74/54
XXL 76/56






S 50/68
M 5371
L 56/74
XL 59/77
XXL 6280






S 64/47
M 66/50
L 69/53
XL 72/56
XXL 75/59
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